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external-libtruezip: List of commits


Rev. Tiempo Autor
45ac3d0 kitkat-x86 lollipop-x86 marshmallow-x86 nougat-x86 oreo-x86 android-x86-6.0-r1 android-x86-6.0-r2 android-x86-6.0-r3 2014-10-30 09:57:46 Jorge Ruesga

Better way and explanations for hacks

Change-Id: I1bfae7d137a4a43de2fe538cd0b5146a93a5cccb
Signed-off-by: Jorge Ruesga <>

7ed2f3a 2014-10-30 07:23:43 Jorge Ruesga

Initial commit.

Port TrueZip revision 6207 to Android:
- Downgraded to fully comply with JS6 (required to build in Android)
- Removed NIO2, ServiceLocator, Swing and console classes (not availaible in Android)
- Stripped down to use the minimal subset of classes to run File, Zip and RAES engines
- Removed javax/findBugs annotations (not availaible in Android)
- Removed registered implementations (fsdrivers and keyproviders) from locators,
which doesn't have any implementation. Implemetators should define its own subsets of
drivers and keyproviders.

Signed-off-by: Jorge Ruesga <>

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