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コピペした半角カナの文字列を全角カナへ再変換したい。 (2012-05-02 16:34 by maimi09 #63531)




RE: コピペした半角カナの文字列を全角カナへ再変換したい。 (2013-05-27 13:55 by koika #68904)

A picture is worth a thousand words in any language, but alas there is not attachments.
絵は、どの言語でも千の言葉の価値があるが、悲しいかな添付ファイルがありません。(Google translator.)

Libre Office under the Format menu has a Change Case. It will switch between full width and half width. It will also switch between Hiragana and Katakana.

I haven't seen any such function in any iBus except to switch between width types.

私は幅の種類を切り替える除く任意IBUSのどのような機能を見ていない。(more google translator. I am just starting studying hiragana and typing hiragana thumb shift input to help memorize and ultimately help me type faster.)
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