[Anthy-dev 3853] Anthy.el incompatible with erc

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Johann 'Myrkraverk' Oskarsson johan****@myrkr*****
2013年 7月 18日 (木) 00:58:41 JST

Hi all,

I've found that anthy.el is incompatible with erc.  As far as I have
researched the issue, it's because anthy.el stores the beginning and
end of the text it inputs, to delete later, but when text comes in the
erc channel, those offsets become obsolete and anthy stops working
with messages like:

  Buffer is read-only: #<buffer "#japanese">

For the record, I'm using anthy-mode from 9100h.

Is there a chance this can be fixed, or if I manage to fix it myself,
that it'll be included in a future release?


 I'm not from the internet, I just work there.

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