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ALG = Arch Linux GUI, a fast, offline, graphical installer for Arch Linux.

The project currently has 10 editions featuring various DEs/WMs. There are stock as well as themed editions.
DE: Plasma5, Gnome40, Xfce4 & Cinnamon5
WM: i3, BSP

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Discord for support, telegram for updates on the project. Code on Github. All links on the website.

NOTE: ALG is not a distribution. With that been said, it is not an Arch Linux based distribution either. ALG is a GUI installer for Arch Linux but is NOT approved, sponsored, or affiliated with Arch Linux or its related projects. This is an attempt to bring Vanilla Arch Linux to directly to users

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Publicado: 2021-10-22 16:31
experimental-editions v2021.10 (1 files Ocultar)

Release Notes

Celebrating Plasma's 25th Anniversary


KDE Plasma 5 on LiveCD (25th Anniversary Edition) Install Stock Desktop of Choice (with option for i3WM as well) Install Applications of Choice (Browser, Multimedia, Developement, etc) Network info copied over to future system (auth after reboot) Network Managed for Xfce, MATE, LxQt (applet) NVIDIA Driver Support Multilib Enabled PAMAC Software Center Tap-to-touch