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Full color painting software for Linux for illustration drawing.
This is not suitable for dot editing.
Since the color is handled with 16 bit color (15 bit fixed point number) internally, the accuracy of color rises, but the memory is consumed correspondingly.


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2019-02-21 08:10
Opinión por Hito

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I'm really happy with it, it is lightweight and has most of the basic tools for drawing.
Good stock brushes, shapes fill tool, useful filters, layers, super fast.
No brush outline, eraser brush is tricky to setup on the hotkey.

2019-02-06 12:18
Opinión por evan

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Awesome painting program. lightweight but powerful, if you come from windows and want something to replace SAI, this app is a good choice.
lightweight, 16bit color accuracy, customizable brush, many filters.
i think the only cons is the transformation tool and the rulers. the rulers is confusing to set up at first.

2018-11-07 01:59
Opinión por Speyll

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Great software, Lightweight and responsive works great with my Wacom intuos tablet, but i'm currently using Arch + i3wm and i wanted to specify a workspace for AzPainter, but when doing a xprop or xprop WM_CLASS, the software does not have a Class, so i think it's a bug if the team can do somthing about it it would be great :) Thank you in advance !
Lightweight, Responsive, Intuitive and simple to use
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