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ccunit: Commit

A C Unit Test Library for C language.

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Revisión77c873b0006b3c199f20145ceeddfbafff238445 (tree)
Tiempo2013-07-12 11:38:33
Autortsntsumi <tsntsumi@user...>

Log Message

Fixed a typo

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Diferencia incremental

--- a/doc/cookbook.dox
+++ b/doc/cookbook.dox
@@ -88,7 +88,7 @@ For example, see the test of the library of the simple
8888 complex number as an example.
8989 (This sample program is in the @c examples/complex directory)
9090 To test whether the initialization of the complex numeber
91-and tow complex numbers are equal.
91+and two complex numbers are equal.
9292 @japanese
9393 例えば、簡単な複素数のライブラリのテストを例にとってみましょう。
9494 (ここで使用する@ref sample_programs は
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