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ccunit: List of commits

A C Unit Test Library for C language.

Rev. Tiempo Autor
ae07607 2010-08-22 01:47:10 tsntsumi

add dot file to dist source files.

e5aaad6 2010-08-22 01:45:11 tsntsumi

The figure which I described in the document directly was made the outside file, and I tried so that it could share it with other pages.

8598a3f 2010-08-22 01:41:57 tsntsumi

add new

46450f7 2010-08-22 00:15:22 tsntsumi

I arranged the explanation of the sample program which dispersed in one place.

b8ef45d 2010-08-21 23:24:44 tsntsumi

remove the post_build_check section.
add the sample_programs section.

11cb7d8 2010-08-21 22:34:11 tsntsumi

revised the helper_tool section.

a2490df 2010-08-21 19:23:19 tsntsumi

revised the suite section.

bd05921 2010-08-21 18:20:19 tsntsumi

Removed the process list with was not an explanation.

504085f 2010-08-21 18:07:57 tsntsumi

Revised the figure of relations between test case and global variables.

62e141d 2010-08-21 13:19:34 tsntsumi

move test runner section in the front.
change the sample code to the detailed thing.

69fe7dd 2010-08-21 13:12:23 tsntsumi

add delete function ccunit_deleteTestCase().

2f8ee85 2010-08-21 13:12:01 tsntsumi

add setup_setUp/setup_tearDown delete code.
add delete function ccunit_deleteTestCase().

cf2a340 2010-08-21 13:10:26 tsntsumi

to run with test runner

92bbba5 2010-08-21 13:09:00 tsntsumi

add memory deleting code

aebbcb9 2010-08-21 13:05:49 tsntsumi

add new

2d892f3 2010-08-21 08:35:57 tsntsumi

insert this year in Copyright strig

0213c7a 2010-08-21 08:23:59 tsntsumi

add runTestCaseRunner for TestRunner example

95a61c1 2010-08-21 08:22:44 tsntsumi

change header search path

c019f35 2010-08-21 08:22:08 tsntsumi

TestRunner example

cccc98e 2010-08-21 07:49:11 tsntsumi

Revised the contents of the section setUp_and_tearDown

64810db 2010-08-20 20:54:12 tsntsumi

Revised the contents of the section simple_test_case.

eecf7b5 2010-08-20 19:04:42 tsntsumi

make simple.

32e9bb2 2010-08-20 18:36:01 tsntsumi

remove duplicated prototype.

241b727 2010-08-20 18:18:59 tsntsumi

modify the explanation of the sample file.
delete the explanation of TestFixture.

17aff97 2010-08-20 17:06:45 tsntsumi

insert new auto generating file

51da11a 2010-08-20 17:05:25 tsntsumi

failAssert.h came not to generated automatically, and
suiteAssert.c came to be formed automatically.

38d982c 2010-08-20 16:55:11 tsntsumi

rename CCUnitTestFixture to CCUnitTestCase and CCUnitTestCase to CCUnitTestFunc
When the test function is registered, I tried to change the
registration classification by its name.

7f37f65 2010-08-20 16:51:28 tsntsumi

rename CCUnitTestFixture to CCUnitTestCase

8433af3 2010-08-20 16:49:06 tsntsumi

rename CCUnitTestCase to CCUnitTestFunc

671698e 2010-08-20 16:48:30 tsntsumi

rename CCUnitTestFixture to CCUnitTestCase and CCUnitTestCase to CCUnitTestFunc

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