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2012-11-19 16:40 (by conemumaximus)

Build 121118
[+] For debug purposes. User may define environment variable "ConEmuReportExe".
ConEmuHk (when it is injected in the process with defined name) will show message box.
It is right moment to take memory dump of (Show more...)


2012-08-12 17:35 (by conemumaximus)

* GuiMacro: Close(<What>[,<Flags>])
* Minimal console size now is 4 cols 2 lines.
* 7-zip/WinRar was not elevated, when updating in "Program Files".
* New option «Add %ConEmuBaseDir% to %PATH%» on page «ComSpec». (Show more...)


2012-04-18 05:59 (by conemumaximus)

Several features of new stable build
* BDF fonts limited support;
* Some settings (Palette, Cursor, Extend Fonts) may be changed separately by application name and Elevation flag. Page 'App distinct' of 'Settings' dialog.
* Added ability to (Show more...)
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