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ConEmu is a Windows console emulator with tabs, which represents multiple consoles and simple GUI applications as one customizable GUI window with various features. Basic application - joint use with Far Manager, cmd, PowerShell, Putty, etc.

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Publicado: 2013-03-01 16:16
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Release Notes

ConEmu starts a console program in hidden console window and provides an alternative customizable GUI window with various features:

* smooth and friendly window resizing;
* tabs for editors, viewers, panels and consoles;
* run simple GUI apps in tabs;
* easy run old DOS applications (games) in Windows 7 or 64bit OS;
* thumbnails and tiles in Far Manager;
* normal, maximized and full screen window graphic modes;
* window font anti-aliasing: standard, clear type, disabled;
* window fonts: family, height, width, bold, italic, etc.;
* BDF fonts limited support;
* using normal/bold/italic fonts for different parts of console simultaneously;
* using 24bit colors in Far Manager 3.x;
* cursor: standard console (horisontal) or GUI (vertical);
* optional settings (e.g. pallette) for selected applications;
* for BufferHeight mode: vertical scrolling using keyboard;
* show full output (1K+ lines) of last command in editor/viewer;
* customizable Far Manager right click behaviour (long click opens context menu);
* drag and drop (explorer style) of files and folders in Far Manager;
* user friendly text and block selection;
* transparency and desktop mode;
* customizable starting tabs;
* and more, and more...

All settings are read from the registry (multiple named configurations are supported) and after that the command line parameters are applied. Parameters /Config and /BufferHeight are only for command line. Most of settings are changed only in the Settings dialog, not from the command line.

* Windows 2000 or later.


[%] Issue 964: Duplicate Root shows an assert.
[%] Issue 965: Regression: stored fixed position for normal mode was ignored.
[+] Settings->Info: showing "conhost.exe" in processes list for Windows 8 and higher.
[+] New debug switch: "ConEmuC /debugtree <command_line>".

[%] Win8: Resize bugfix.
[%] Issue 592: Quake-style autohide when clicking on taskbar.
[%] Issue 888: Fixing MinTTY bug.
[%] Issue 960: Sometimes ConEmu crashes while attaching external console (in progress).
[%] Crash on GuiMacro WindowMaximize().

[%] Regression: Hotkey names not displayed on «Keys & Macro» page.
[%] Some focus-switch hotkeys was not working.
[+] Switch "/demote" for ConEmu.exe allows to run commands de-elevated via Task Sheduler.
[%] AutoUpdate fixes.
[%] Don't execute «ConEmu autorun» when console window is minimized (AutoUpdate issue).
[%] «Duplicate root» fails sometimes with error code 0xC0000148.

[%] Issue 949: Selection failed with buffer and «Freeze console» checked.

[%] Issue 592: Quake activation/deactivation changes.
[+] Issue 912: Internal processing of Win+Shift+Left/Right - move ConEmu window to previous/next monitor.
[%] Issue 939: Update failes if full path to 7za.exe was not specified, but 7za.exe is located in %PATH%.
[%] Issue 946: Exception in some cases running with "/Log2" switch.
[%] Issue 946: Blinking when ConEmu starting minimized.
[%] Update: Failed with proxy requires authentification.

[%] Issue 912: Resize changes (Full Screen Does Not Allow Win+Shift+Arrow to Move Monitors).
[%] Issue 937: Drag&Drop once more (AIMP3).
[%] Issue 938: Double click for word selection stops working after a while.

[%] Regression. Sometimes ConEmu.exe may crash on startup or quake-sliding.
[+] Issue 932: Support UltraEdit decimal color format.

[*] Interprocess communication changes.
[%] Issue 926: Pad around console redraw lag.
[%] Issue 928: Regression of 130205: Restart of console does not works.
[*] Preparing for multi-page selection.

[*] Some improvements for «stress mode».
[*] «Disabled» will be shown in «Keys & Macro» if specified action is disabled in settings.
[%] Some bugfixes in Drag&Drop to Far panels from some storages.
[*] Checking 7zip/WinRar existence before updating with 7z package.
[*] Some changes in Status bar drawing.
[*] Removed all references to std::vector.
[%] Issue 885: Attach of «As Administrator» console fixed.
[+] Issue 886: Button «?» in the Title Bar of «Settings» dialog.
[*] Minor changes of resources in «Settings» dialog.
[%] Tooltips in «Settings» dialogs was not visible with this registry value:

[!] Refactoring of drag from Far Manager panels is started.
[*] Changes in self-update procedure (elevation related).
[*] Issue 899: Default position of «Find text» dialog is upper-right corner.
[*] Some changes in Drag&Drop items drawing.
[%] Bugfixes for Reload/Reset Settings (buttons in «Settings» dialog).
[%] Regression. Can't select some modifiers on «Keys & Macro» page in «Settings» dialog.
[*] ConEmu.exe switch changed to avoid ambiguity.
The following command line will run 3 tabs on ConEmu startup:
"ConEmu.exe /cmdlist cmd1 ||| cmd2 ||| cmd3".
[+] Use Vista+ «Task dialog» for closing confirmation.

[%] Settings in «Create new console» dialog was ignored for Tasks.
[%] Issue 706: ConEmu Inside: You must use in Sync command "\1" and "\2" instead of "%1" and "%2".
Also, you need to re-register menu items.
[+] Vim 256 colors next try. Hope, it will be usable now.
You need to configure your vimrc for enabling 256 colors.
Sample lines are here:

[*] Excess console window flickering removed, when elevated tab is starting from elevated ConEmu.
[%] Minor bugfix for «Single instance mode».
[*] Quake animation when hide to TSA is disabled.
[+] New switch "-new_console:w" turns on overwrite mode in console (for cmd, powershell, etc.)
[+] One step closer to Vim 256 colors.

[%] Issue 883: PuTTY resize again.
[%] Failed to change cursor «Blinking» for Inactive console.
[+] Two new compelental hotkeys: «Set focus to ConEmu», «Set focus to child GUI application».
[+] New item in tab menu: «Child system menu».
[%] Removing excess redraws.
[+] New switch: "ConEmu.exe /nosingle".
[+] New option in «Fast configuration» and «Appearance» page: «Single instance mode (use existing window instead of running new instance)».
[*] Minor changes in «Mark & Paste» page: new checkbox «copy before reset» instead of third state of «Reset selection on input».

[+] Searching in «Settings» dialog now available. Type text in «Find» editbox (upper-left corner) and wait a little.
You may continue search by pressing ">" button.
[+] New option «Minimize on focus lose» on «Task bar» page. This is used only for «normal» style,
«quake» style has separate option.
[+] New switch: "ConEmu.exe /cmdlist cmd1 | cmd2 | cmd3".
Now it is possible to start several tabs from the command line or shortcut without creating tasks.
[+] Issue 864: MiddleButtonClick on free tabbar area creates new tab.
[%] Issue 871: Sometimes inactive consoles was not resized properly.
[%] URL-detector does not strip single-quote from the end of URL.
[%] Dropping long filepathnamed to prompt sometimes fails (pasted paths was trimmed).
[%] Issue 878: Can't select in putty after moving ConEmu window.
[+] New option «Focus in child windows». Enabled by default. It means set focus in xshell/putty/notepad/etc. when ConEmu is activated or tab switched.
[+] New hotkey (not set by default): Switch focus between ConEmu and child GUI application (xshell/putty/notepad/etc.)
[+] Now you may export your current configuration to xml-file directly from Settings dialog.
[+] Current settings storage location displayed on the top of Settings dialog.

[%] Sometimes, trap occures when switching to tab which is in «closing state».
[*] «Resize mark» renamed to «Size grip».
[%] «Default terminal» fails to execute smth like "cmd /k copy aaa bbb".

[+] New «column» in Status bar - «Resize mark». You can change ConEmu size by dragging this «column» even when frame is hidden.
[+] Starting shells takes into account paths defined in "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths".
[*] Minor changes in starting root shell.
[*] Toolbar: when last console is closed - ConEmu hides button with console number.
[*] Toolbar buttons order was changed. [+] button on first place now.
[*] Option «Hide caption of child GUI windows» is enabled by default.
[*] Quake-style options moved to «Appearance» page.
[+] New Quake-style option for animation duration. Any value between 0 and 2000 ms allowed.
[%] Minor fixes in "/reset" switch.
[%] Fixed focus of child GUI windows after ConEmu window restore or tab switch.

[%] Issue 865: Frame width option is broken.
[+] Debug purposes: new ConEmuC argument /DEBUGEXE <command line>.
[%] Due to large amount of ANSICON-related reports its loading will be blocked in ConEmu.
[*] Don't show console font warning in ReactOS.

[%] Fixed Maximize/Restore regression. On Restore console size was not reduced.
[%] Issue 806: GVim started as "gvim --windowid !ConEmuBackHWND!" does not appears when switching tabs.
[%] Fixed regression in hotkeys processing. Far received RAlt after Shift+Arrow.
[*] Changes in Quake-style animation. Slide window when possible.
[%] PuTTY dialogs appears beneath ConEmu window, then "Always on top" is checked.
[+] xterm 24-bit colors supported. Same restrictions as xterm 256 colors.

[%] GuiMacro parser regression. Only one string argument was processed.

[+] When unhandled exception occurred in ConEmu - full memory dump will be created on desktop in "ConEmuTrap" folder.
[+] New options for "Esc" key or "Task bar" page:
"Minimize ConEmu when all consoles closed", "Minimize always" and "Never".
May be useful in Quake mode.
[+] When "Esc" is always used for minimize ConEmu, you may use Shift+Esc to send simple Esc to console.
Uncheck "Map Shift+Esc to Esc" on "Task bar" page if you don't need this mapping.
[%] Resize bugfixes in Quake mode.
[%] Issue 853: Default terminal fails in TotalCmd "Open command prompt window".
[*] New toolbar images by Grzegorz Kozub.
[+] New option on "Appearance" page: "Hide caption of child GUI windows started in ConEmu". Turned ON by default.
[%] Regression. Tab activation failed when it is inactive split.
[+] New environment variable "ConEmuHooks". You may set it to "OFF" to disable injects temporarily.
Example: cmd /k set ConEmuHooks=OFF & "C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v7.1\Bin\SetEnv.cmd" -new_console:t:SDK & set ConEmuHooks=
[*] Some changes in drag&drop files to Far panels.

[*] New SystemMenu item: About -> Whats new (local, web).
[%] Far 3 plugins updated to new API (some changes was missed).

[!] GuiMacro engine upgraded to avoid ambiguity. Now there are C-Strings and Verbatim-Strings.
C-Strings: allows backslash-escape sequences, for example print("\ecd /d \"C:\\Users\"\n")
Verbatim-Strings: allows using backslashes without escapes, for example print(@"cd /d ""C:\Users""")
[%] Due to a bug(?) in MS DOM saving GuiMacro with (Esc), for example print("\eexit\n"),
was caused erasing of ConEmu.xml file contents.
[*] Group «Multi console» moved from «Tabs» page to «Appearance» page.
[+] New option «Show buttons (toolbar) in tab bar» on «Appearance» page.
[%] Issue 849: Transparency breaks on startup when «Hide caption» is on.
[*] Debug build. Menu item «Dump used memory blocks» in «Debug» submenu.
[*] Some internal changes.
[%] Some Attach from Far Plugin bugfixes.
[+] «App distinct» updated with new Cursor controls.
[+] Shift+Arrows may start selection (new option on «Mark & Paste» and «App distinct» pages).
Shift+Left/Right starts text selection, Shift+Up/Down starts block selection.
Note! Shift+Arrows don't start selection in Far Manager.

[+] Issue 846: New predefined color palette <Solarized>.
[%] Sometimes console was not resized after maximizing ConEmu window. TechInfo: because of larget font size in *real console*. Auto-reducing automatically when possible.
[%] Sometimes close console confirmation «Press Enter or Esc to close console» was bypassed.
[+] Cursor setting page was redesigned. Inactive cursor may be fully configured now. To be continued, some combinations not works yet.
[*] New settings page "Task bar". Some controls from "Appearance" page are here now.
[+] New option "Auto hide ConEmu after last console close". Must be used together with "Leave ConEmu after last console close".
[+] New ConEmu.exe switches:
/MinTSA - almost like combination of "/Min /TSA" but implies "Leave ..." and "Auto hide after last console close".
/SetDefTerm - forces installation of ConEmu as default terminal. May be useful with "/MinTSA /Detached".
[+] Now you can turn on "Register on OS startup" for "Default terminal" feature. "Integration" page.

[+] Issue 824: Ctrl+BackSpace deletes word leftward to the cursor. Ignored in Far Manager. Hotkey is configurable.
ATM takes care of «Change prompt with Left Click» third state.
[+] Issue 707: ConEmu Inside: WinXP: Trying to show «Tip pane» automatically and close it after ConEmu exits.
[+] Issue 838: New cursor type «Block». With «Color» checked ConEmu draws «empty» rectangle around cell under cursor.
[%] Issue 842: Far 3 build 3000: [string "if APanel.Left Keys("Tab") end"]:1: 'then' expected near 'Keys'.
[%] Some resize bugfixes.

[*] Timeout for downloading files (Auto-Update) increased to 180 seconds.
[%] Issue 743: Sometimes Auto-Update fails via proxy.
[*] Refactoring of menus processing.
[+] Shell style Drag&Drop allows drops into inactive panes (split-screen).
To be more exact pane will be activated on drag-over.
[%] Sometimes «Quake-style slide down» shows window without sliding.
[+] New file in ConEmu folder "TypeBuildErrors.cmd". This may be used for colorization errors and warnings in the compiler outputs.
[*] Some more information with "/log2".
[%] Issue 834: Too large FPS while using Far 2 truemod.
[*] Redesign of «Mark & Paste» settings page.

[*] Some changes in console server & ExtendedConsole.dll.
[+] «Default terminal» - more flexible:
* active config name used;
* close confirmation configurable;
* don't inject hooks configurable;
* take care about started with debugging;
* still available after GUI was closed;
* "-new_console:z" may be used when you need to force real console instead of replacing as «default terminal».
[%] Issue 828: Auto-hidden taskbar and maximized ConEmu without Caption.

[%] GCC warnings and errors.
[+] Empty passwords are allowed when «Run as user» (if they are allowed by local policy of course).
[+] When «Run as user» trying to use %USERPROFILE% instead of "System32".

[!] Experimental! ConEmu may set up itself as default terminal for console applications.
Warning! This feature may raise false alarms in some antiviral programs!
Warning! Autoupdate with 7z package may fails if this feature is enabled!
Settings -> Integration -> Force ConEmu...
Note! In the current build active ConEmu window required for processing interception.
TechInfo: When enabling this feature ConEmu calls CreateRemoteThread for injecting
ConEmuHk.dll into selected processes (explorer.exe by default). This allows to
intercept CreateProcess WinAPI function and replace it with ConEmu.exe...
There is new ConEmu.exe switch "/nodefterm" - don't start initialization procedure.
[%] Issue 825: ANSI X3.64 sequences don't works with Gow ls.
[%] Issue 819: Regressions in hooks (build 121028).
[*] Options «Skip click on activation» applies to the click on the inactive split-pane.
[%] Issue 667: (May be fixed) ConEmu has incorrect Z-order in 'Vista Switcher'.
[%] Issue 827: Can't disable «Sleep in background».

[+] Settings -> Keys & Macro. Checkbox «Hide unassigned» temporarily hides from list actions and macros without hotkeys.
[%] Issue 700: WinXP, Default history buffers count too small.