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2021-08-05 22:26
Guten Tag, ich versuche das Programm mithilfe einer Softwareverteilung zu verteilen. Leider werden nach der Install...
2021-03-12 01:41
I'd like to suggest to improvements for the Mail Alert Feature: - set the Mail Priority accordingly If there is at le...
2021-03-08 20:59
Hi guys, I'm deploying cristalmark disk info in a domain group to all active directory computers. I created an .ini ...
2021-03-08 20:39
Hello, is it possibile create an .msi installer with parameters (like .mst transormer) to deploy cristaldisk info in ...

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2021-10-13 20:00


2021-09-30 20:49

It gives the right information, no more no less

2021-09-20 19:45

Great Application. Such a nice app yet free of cost giving such accurate detail

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