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Takeda Toshiya氏による、エミュレータコレクション、Common Source Code Project ( )をQtに移植した …だけではなく、富士通FM-8/7シリーズのコードを積極的にContribしています。


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Publicado: 2016-07-26 00:49
csp-qt SNAPSHOT 2016-07-25 (4 files Ocultar)

Release Notes

** Qt porting and FM-7/77/AV/AV40/EX for Common Source Code Project **

July 25, 2016
K.Ohta (whatisthis.sowhat _at_


This package is Qt5 porting of Common Source Code Project (CSP) and built with Qt5, for Windows, built with MinGW(32bit).

Source Code:

Additional INFO:

Binaries will be available, distibute from See, and
Released at:

2.Background Common Source Code Project (CSP) is good emulator writing. It also distributed with GPLv2, this is good for me. But codes are specified to M$ Visual C. I'm using GNU/Linux, and I starting to apply FM-7(or later). So, I start to port to GNU/Linux and using Qt4/Qt5.

What you need at least: a. Qt5 (neither Qt3 and Qt4) toolkit. b. Some OpenGL implementation, maybe at leaset OpenGL v2.x . c. gcc / g++ (4.7 or later? ) or llvm clang / clang++ (3.5 or later?) toolchain. d. SDL2 (not SDL1.x). e. CMake 2.8 or later.

    • TIPS: If emufoo.exe don't show screen drawing, set environment
variable QT_OPENGL to software (i.e. Using Windows as VirtualBox's gueat OS).

3.How to build: After extracting (or git pulled) sourcecodes: $ cd {srctop}/source/build-cmake/{Machine name}/ $ mkdir build $ cd build

To configure: $ cmake .. or $ ccmake ..

To build: $ make

To install: $ sudo make install

4.Qt specified notice: ・Place R@Ms under $HOME/emu{Machine Name}/ , this directory has made after first using. ・Config file, {foo}.ini is writteon on $HOME/.config/emu{Machine Name}/ .

5.Status a. I tested to build only under Debian GNU/Linux "sid".

But, perhaps, will succed to build another GNU/Linux OSs or BSD OS variants.
    • On windows, using MinGW is already okay, but not tested drawing.
    • Cross building with GNU/Linux's MinGW32 and Qt5.5.1 (for MinGW) is available. Modify and use build-cmake/ and related *.cmake files.
    • And, you can also build with M$ Visual Studio 2013 or 2015.

b. Now, I using Qt5 as toolkit, because authors of Qt announced

"Qt4 is obsolete, will be updated no longer".

c. All of virtual machines are already ported to Qt (On Oct 29, 2015): d. Now using GCC-6.1 with Link Time Optimize to build for distrubuted binaries.

Upstream repositry:

Project Page:

Upstream (Takeda Toshiya San's original code)


* SNAPSHOT July 25, 2016

-- Jul 25, 2016 21:59:41 +0900 K.Ohta <>

* SNAPSHOT June 29, 2016

  • Upstream 2016-04-13
  • Build with FFMPEG 3.0.2 supported libmp3lame.
  • MOVIE_SAVER/Win32 Fix wrong value of left frames for audio when stopping to record.
  • OSD/Qt Fix wrong FPS with not drawing.
  • Build with 3752c12b4b08f9910f3e3b6ad6f7dfbd76342cbb (or later).

-- Jun 29, 2016 13:05:15 +0900 K.Ohta <>

* SNAPSHOT June 21, 2016

  • Upstream 2016-04-13
  • Build with FFMPEG 3.0.2 supported libmp3lame.
  • Linux Build with's official Qt 5.3.1 expect to work with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and Debian 8 "Jessie".
  • MOVIE_SAVER (Maybe mostly?) Fix asynchronous both video and audio.
  • MOVIE_SAVER Add libmp3lame and vorbis (disable from UI) for audio codec.
  • Qt Not linking config and using_flags directly from libCSPgui , libCSPavio and libCSPosd .
  • MOVIE_SAVEREMU Fix stop/restart recording movie when changing/ejecting CARTRIDGEs.
Now, don't stop when changing/eject cartridge.
  • MOVIE_SAVER Re-enable (and selectable) H.264 for video codec.
  • Build with 85c331b7635ca713e819218b86d65a877b7478f3 (or later).

-- Jun 21, 2016 01:07:44 +0900 K.Ohta <>

* SNAPSHOT June 18, 2016

  • Upstream 2016-04-13 .
  • Build with FFMPEG 3.0.2 .
  • MOVIE_SAVER More safer open/close.
  • MOVIE_SAVER Fix deadlock when closing movie.
  • MOVIE_SAVER Selectable both MPEG4v1 and H.264(libx264) for video codec.
  • MOVIE_SAVERQt Temporally set video-codec to MPEG4 (not AVC). This is issue of discard frames with libx264 by ffmpeg's libavcodec/libavformat. This seems to be ffmpeg's issue, not my program.
  • Build with 629f7d70816c04b38c3ab8cc277147a6bd2c2d2a (or later).

-- Jun 18, 2016 03:32:06 +0900 K.Ohta <>

* SNAPSHOT June 11, 2016

  • Upstream 2016-04-13 .
  • Use to distibute binaries. .
  • MOVIE_SAVER Use ffmpeg internal aac codec, because faac or fdk_aac are not *Free* .
  • VM/MOVIE_SAVER Fix stopping when changing cartridge, now refer to upstream (split movies).
  • Qt/Win32 Fix not work with WindowsXP, using homebrew version of ffmpeg-2.8.7.
  • Build with 89d31ce8daa733ea4a0c38f0a1890d3a0fcfce38 (or later).

-- Jun 11, 2016 05:09:55 +0900 K.Ohta <>

* SNAPSHOT June 09, 2016

  • Upstream 2016-04-13 .
  • Now, all of binaries are built with ffmpeg-2.8.7 at GNU/Linux, with ffmpeg-3.0 at Windows.
  • Please read README.ffmpeg.txt .
  • FM7/Disk Add exceptions for Xanadu Scenario 2, this has not booted with changes 49dceaca9401d3c6037cb51ec013ca032ff0e83c .
  • Build with 64df71cd492be91289f883224640f42cace090ed (or later).

-- Jun 09, 2016 05:50:50 +0900 K.Ohta <>

* SNAPSHOT June 08, 2016

  • Upstream 2016-04-13 .
  • Add movie saver, using libav with x264.
  • Now, all of binaries are built with ffmpeg-3.0.
  • Build with 2142d5c7426e21cfeedbaea0450f238f8b4d7d38 (or later).

-- Jun 08, 2016 07:34:45 +0900 K.Ohta <>

* SNAPSHOT May 23-2, 2016

  • Win32 binary only RELEASE
  • Fix unable to run with some natibve Windows environment.
  • Build with c1448dc84f5439c7c8931614a8397dbefb6383da .

-- May 24, 2016 22:42:00 +0900 K.Ohta <>

* SNAPSHOT May 23, 2016

  • Upstream 2016-04-13 .
  • Win32 Now built with -msse -msse2 . You can run only later than Pentium4 .
  • Move FILEIO:: FIFO:: COMMON:: to libCSPemu_utils .
  • Make OSD:: to inherited by OSD_BASE:: .
  • Win32 Disable LINKFLAGS with "-static-libgcc -static-libstdc++" to reduce size of executions, now, bundled libstc++ is for gcc-5 .
  • Win32/Build Support build with MSYS2 (but not display because MSYS2's Qt was build without OpenGL).
  • Linux Build shared libraries with Link-Time-Optimize, reduce size of libs.
  • X1/VM Configurable buttons for X1/Turbo/Turbo Z.
  • FM7/FDC Set MB8877_NO_BUSY_AFTER_SEEK. Fixed unable to boot OS0. Thanks to Anna_Wu.
  • FM77AV/MB61VH010 ALULINE: Reduce CPU usage (at delta X > delta Y).
  • UI/Qt/DRAW Fix crash sometimes when exit emulator.
  • Build with 1c1ddc85dfa7456b1ce48662c2e2930dcc4fc9d8 (or later).

-- May 23, 2016 02:22:07 +0900 K.Ohta <>

Upstream changes:


WINMAIN improve auto key for the case to switch upper/lowercase with capslock EMU/DEBUGGER fix issue that u command may cause the infinite loop

VM/DATAREC support to detect the frequency of signal VM/DATAREC fix to always adjust zero position of wave signal VM/UPD1990A fix not to check clk signal is low when stb signal is raised VM/UPD7810 support debugger VM/UPD7810 support MOV A,S opecode VM/UPD7810 fix not to change V register (thanks PockEmul)

PC2001 support NEC PC-2001 PC2001 fix cpu clock PC2001 support beep sound PC2001/IO support rtc control signals YALKY support Yuasa Kyouiku System YALKY YALKY/IO improve data recorder controller

Have fun! -- Ohta.


*** If you want to know full changes, please read 000_gitlog.txt and history.txt. ***

* SNAPSHOT July 25, 2016

-- Jul 25, 2016 21:59:41 +0900 K.Ohta <>