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Takeda Toshiya氏による、エミュレータコレクション、Common Source Code Project ( )をQtに移植した …だけではなく、富士通FM-8/7シリーズのコードを積極的にContribしています。


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Publicado: 2018-01-14 16:58
csp-qt TESTRELEASE 2018-01-14 FM7 JCOMMCARD-2 (1 files Ocultar)

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commit b8d563c7e4cfe6254c5228a4ca8e05c84ad0da84 Author: K.Ohta <> Date: Sun Jan 14 16:22:33 2018 +0900

VMFM7KANJIROM Modify patching routine.

commit 23815c0e37d520385f6b8a13843ae1ad24ff9bf2 Author: K.Ohta <> Date: Sun Jan 14 15:07:46 2018 +0900

VMFM77AV40 Fix FTBFS. VMFM7 Organize DEFINES. VMFM7JCOMMCARD Use KANJI data of JCOMMCARD if JCOMMCARD has enabled.This feature only for FM-7/NEW7.

commit dd95057b7663111c5197ffa5be5763c490227fd6 Author: K.Ohta <> Date: Sun Jan 14 03:55:29 2018 +0900


commit 50e8067697fb0b21a5e6779e64b4eb1f151191f4 Author: K.Ohta <> Date: Sun Jan 14 03:49:20 2018 +0900

VMFM7JCOMMCARD Fix name of FIRMWAREs. VMFM7 Use #define to define name of firmwares. VMFM7JCOMMCARD Use AND:: gate to notify halting. VMFM7KANIROM WIP: JIS78 patch mode.From XM7 3,4L77a.