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DTXMania is drums traning software that can easily enjoy playing for electronic drums "DTX" series.

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2018-02-22 13:03
Opinión por あいみん可愛いあやさもね

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めっちゃ面白い マジめに神ゲー過ぎる やり込み度マスゲームやで

2014-09-06 22:36
Opinión por Chaocobo__JUn

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DTXMania and Drummania. DTXMania is essentially a Drummania emulator. Drummania is how I learned to play drums to be honest. There's a bass pedal, a hi-hat, snare drum, hi-tom and low-toms, but DTXMania made it real. The artist/creator allowed for extra cymbals and even a hi-hat pedal and double-bass which Drummania just now got in arcades, although Drummania has less cymbals. This IS by definition the very best drum simulator out there considering it's a freeware carbon copy of Drummania and you can download themes. This is what Stepmania is for DDR; only more. There are more lanes in which notes come than the current GITADORA (Short for GuitarFreaks&DrumMania) because of the extra cymbals. What really interests me, and I'm not good enough to do it yet, is that the hi hat pedal has an option for open and closed notes, so if you hit an open note with your foot on the pedal, it's a miss. I just make hi-hat be hi-hat personally as that's how the arcade does it, but recent Drummania have implemented the hi-hat pedal to function as both either a double bass or hi hat pedal. If you have ANY electronic drumkit, I highly advise you to get this game and go play a little ditty called "The Least 100 sec" on extreme difficulty. :P
Unlimited possibilities for song selection Works with any drumkit via midi usb, but I have a Yamaha DTXpressIII and it's great DTX is in the title of my drumkit and this game Multitudes of options if you don't want to use certain drumpads you can set it to autoplay and you can play along. You can do this with each lane, I started Drummania with Auto-Bass.
Crashes upon highlighting certain songs It either hates me or Windows 8 Slow to load up if you have thousands of songs, but that's understandable

2013-09-03 05:34
Opinión por Anónimo

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this great
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