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Code Hosting for sample modules of XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1.

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Publicado: 2006-11-25 18:47
SampleRender SampleRender-0.02 (1 files Ocultar)

Release Notes

Sample Render System

This is one of samples for Cube Legacy 2.1. Sample Render-System is a dummy,
an actual example and a kind of tutorials. You don't get any advantages by this
render-system, because this module isn't completed. But you feel the possibility
of Cube and Legacy 2.1.

* Step1... Put the module *

Put this module's directory to /modules as well as other modules.

* Step2... Modify your setting *

The configuration of Legacy package is written in /settings/site_default.ini.pnp.
You must add definition of this render-system to that file. Because XOOPS Cube
has override setting feature, you don't need to modify site_default.ini.php
directly. Create site_custom.ini.php in /settings, and write the following.

If you want an example file, see /etc/sample_site_custom.ini.php.





* Step3... Module Install *

Install the SampleRender module in the control panel.

* Step4... Theme Install *

Nautica08 is the sample theme for this module. I got this theme in the
open-source template site and modified as a sample theme.

Put Nautica08 to your theme directory, like other themes. And, activate it in
the control panel.


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