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Thu Jul 1 06:05:48 JST 2021

#42558: civ2civ3: improve readme

  Open Date: 2021-06-22 04:33
Last Update: 2021-07-01 06:05

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2021-07-01 06:05 Updated by: bard


Reply To cazfi
I'm taking it a bit easier with freeciv development at the moment, but this ticket definitely is in my TODO. Probably getting back to full steam in August.
Ok, no hurry, your usual work pace looks insane to me.
I plan to do some more patches for civ2civ3 and I wanted to do them dependant on this one, but I wasn't sure. Thanks for the answer.

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      Reporter: bard
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          Type: Patches
        Status: Open
      Priority: 5 - Medium
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Ticket details:

I have been trying to improve a bit the readme of civ2civ3:
- Reserve the use of capital letters to words used as rule_names: units, techs, terrains, resources, buildings, governments, and some key game concepts like Food/Trade/Production, Science/Gold/Luxury, Shields/Bulbs/Coins...
- Use "Production" instead of "Shields" for city output (as in the city UI), or for production of citizens (like Trade, Luxury, Science and Gold), that will be multiplied by buildings.
- Keep using "Shields" for upkeep of units, use "Coins" instead of "Gold" for upkeep of units or buildings, and use "Bulbs" instead of "Science" for upkeep of techs.
This way, +1 Gold could mean +3 Coins if you have all economic buildings; +1 Production up to +2 Shields with all production buildings; +1 Science up to +4 Bulbs due to buildings and wonders.
However, +1 Shield, or Coin, or Bulb for upkeep of units, buildings, or techs will always remain +1.
- Use "upkeep in Food", instead of "Food upkeep". I'm not sure if better or not?
- Use "ground units" when they include all Land unit classes (big and small). Use "naval units" or "boats" when they include both Sea and Trireme.
- Use "unhappiness caused by military units", instead of Military Unhappiness, or simply war unhappiness.
- Clarify when wonders affect every city of every player, or only the cities of the owner.
I'm still working on it, so I'd thank other suggestions.
If you have noticed that I use to repeat the same mistakes while I write on english, it is a good moment to point it. It will make things easier for future updates of the readme or the helptexts. I already took note of the "same as" instead of "same than" fix.

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