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autogame : many things are done after saving a game. (5 minutes)

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I test autogame S3_0 with WW1 1900 scenario, which is very slow (and i am trying to find out why...)

I started from a previous saved game at turn 20 , and configure to end at turn 21, and save every turn.

The T21 was saved , but the server conitnued to do things during 5 minutes.

what is it doing ? (or where is this described , i read all the docs , but did not found the AI internal logic or at least main steps)

Do this mean that if i start from this save game, those 5 minutes computations will be lost ?

$ time fc30-server -r civ-WW1.serv 
Pour obtenir une aide sommaire, tapez 'help'.
Le joueur 'Vittorio-Emanuele III' a maintenant le niveau IA 'Difficile'.
Le joueur 'Wilhelm II' a maintenant le niveau IA 'Difficile'.
Le joueur 'George V' a maintenant le niveau IA 'Difficile'.
Le joueur 'Émile Loubet' a maintenant le niveau IA 'Difficile'.
Partie sauvegardée sous freeciv-WW1-T0021-Y01920-auto.sav.xz
1: Did not find a cm solution in 27500 iterations for Wien.
2: Retrait du joueur Vittorio-Emanuele III.
2: Retrait du joueur Wilhelm II.
2: Retrait du joueur George V.
2: Retrait du joueur Émile Loubet.
2: Retrait du joueur Nicholas II.
real	14m6,010s
user	14m5,715s
sys	0m0,092s

My config file is :

$ cat civ-WW1.serv
# AL1 autogame to investigate.
load freeciv-WW1-T0020-Y01919-auto.sav.xz

# no human needed
set minplayers 0
set maxplayers 30
set aifill 30

set endturn 21

set autosave TURN
set savename freeciv-WW1
set saveturns 1

# server only autogame
set ec_turns 0
set timout -1


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