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gtk client improvement tooltips

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There's lots of places in the qt client where useful info pops up as a tooltip when the cursor hovers over something, it would be really nice if the gtk client did this also.

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it would be really nice if the gtk client did this also.

You mean it never does for you? E.g. over tax-rates settings on the main view.

If it does, where you suggest adding more of those?

One thing is that the "break down" tooltips of the citydialog left panel values is not an obvious (very discoverable) feature, as that requires holding left button pressed. I wonder if that one should be changed to one that opens on hover (it would have it downsides)

2022-06-08 11:43 Updated by: ddeanbrown

Main map view not a problem, it's mostly the city dlog. Agree that hovering over left panel values would be better than requiring left button - I can't think of downsides.

In the city dlog, in the list of improvements, qt does tooltips with text from the help browser, gtk does not.

gtk city dlog, Production tab has no tooltips, have to select something and press help button, which is unnecessary extra steps.

gtk city dlog, Happiness tab has same issue of left button versus hovering.

F6 tech tree - qt has tooltips with text from help browser for units and improvements etc but lacks a way to get the help browser text for the tech. gtk gets help browser text for the tech by right clicking on it, but has nothing for units and improvements etc.

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