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acs7_check is a package to check or monitor the
status of the Accusys ACS-7 series of inexpensive
hardware RAID devices, such as the InneRAID Duo
75200. These devices look like normal hard disks
to the system and have sophisticated features such
as bad block reallocation. The status of the RAID
device can be queried with acs7_check using a
serial connection on POSIX systems, or using SMART
information directly under Linux. An entry placed
in crontab can inform the sysadmin about device

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2007-11-19 22:19

Versión pública inicial. Ahora empaquetado con Distutils Python. Admite la conexión en serie en Unix / Linux y consulta de SMART en Linux.
Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement
Initial public version. Now packaged with Python distutils. Supports serial connection on Unix/Linux and SMART query on Linux.

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