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Ampache is a Web-based audio file manager. It allows you to view, edit, and play your audio files via the Web. It has support for playlists, artist and album views, album art, random play, playback via HTTP with on-the-fly transcoding and downsampling, vote based playback, playback via MPD and Icecast, an integrated Flash player, and per-user themes and song play tracking. You can also link multiple Ampache servers together using XML-RPC. Ampache supports gettext translations and has full translations into many languages.

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2010-02-03 18:18 Back to release list

Esta versión corrige algunos errores introducidos en la versión anterior, así como algunas mejoras significativas y las soluciones de los métodos de localplay. El cálculo del tamaño de catálogo también fue corregido para las grandes catálogos. Ahora debe trabajar para hasta 4 TB de catálogos. Las nuevas instalaciones de 3.5.4 se incluyen otros dos ACL por defecto para el uso de la API.
Tags: Stable, bugfix, localplay, API
This release fixes some bugs introduced in the last release as well as some significant improvements and fixes for the localplay methods. Catalog size calculation was also corrected for larger catalogs. It should now work for up to 4TB catalogs. New installations of 3.5.4 will include an additional two default ACLs for API use.

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