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cdrtools (formerly cdrecord) creates home-burned CDs/DVDs with a CDR/CDRW/DVD/BluRay recorder. It works as a burn engine for several applications. It supports CD/DVD/BD recorders from many different vendors; all SCSI-3/mmc- and ATAPI/mmc-compliant drives should also work. Supported features include IDE/ATAPI, parallel port, and SCSI drives; audio CDs, data CDs, and mixed CDs; full multi-session support; CD-RWs, DVD-R/-RW, DVD+R/+RW, BD-R/BD-RE; and TAO, DAO, RAW, and human-readable error messages. cdrtools includes remote SCSI support and can access local or remote CD/DVD/BD writers.

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2013-02-12 08:37 Back to release list

Se han corregido dos errores en los metadatos de la UDF que causó mkisofs causar el contenido del archivo mal en caso de que un archivo > 4 GB estuvo presente mientras el - tipo se utilizó la opción.
Cdda2wav ya no imprime basura cuando pide "cargue por favor cdrom y pulse Entrar", y se introdujo un carácter distinto NL.
Two bugs in the UDF metadata have been fixed that caused mkisofs to cause bad file content in case a file > 4 GB was present while the -sort option was used.
Cdda2wav no longer prints garbage when asking "load cdrom please and press enter", and a character other than NL was entered.

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