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DokuWiki is a standards-compliant, simple-to-use Wiki mainly aimed at creating documentation of any kind. It is targeted at developer teams, workgroups, and small companies. It has a simple but powerful syntax which makes sure the datafiles remain readable outside the Wiki, and eases the creation of structured texts. All data is stored in plain text files, so no database is needed

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Esta versión incluye gestión de versiones de archivos de medios, al igual que las páginas. Se guardan versiones anteriores, y está disponible en el historial de cambios "cambios recientes" lista así como RSS. Un nuevo Gerente de medios de comunicación con arrastrar y soltar apoyo. El desarrollador del plugin y plantilla ahora puede disfrutar también usando el poder de jQuery.
Tags: Major feature enhancements, Release Candidate
This release features version handling of media files, just like pages. Old versions are saved, and the change history is available in “recent changes” list as well as in RSS. A new media manager with drag and drop support. The plugin and template developer can now also enjoy using the power of jQuery.

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