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GeeXboX is a standalone media player Linux distribution, similar to MoviX. It's a small bootable CD that allows you to play your favorite video (DivX, XviD, H.264, MPEG 1/2, VCD, DVD, OggMedia, Windows Media, RealMedia, etc.) and audio (MP3, Audio CD, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, MPC, etc.) files. It also supports networking, and is able to play media from Windows/Samba share, NFS, UPnP A/V Media Servers, RTP/RTSP servers, or SHOUTcast. It supports TV-out, TV tuners, DVB cards, and WiFi cards. It is based on MPlayer, and can be used on any x86, x86_64, or PowerPC computer. It's easy to modify the source to build your own GeeXboX or use an alternative boot method.

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2011-09-19 06:13

Esta versión añade reelaboración interfaz principal para cambiar a XBMC.
Tags: Stable
This release adds major frontend reworking to switch to XBMC.

2010-03-15 10:55

Este comunicado tiene una actualización de Enna y correcciones múltiples a lo largo alfa1, incluyendo Linux y controladores de Xorg. Un puerto inicial de la arquitectura ARM se ha iniciado.
Tags: Unstable
This release has an Enna upgrade and multiple fixes over alpha1, including Linux and Xorg drivers. An initial port to the ARM architecture has been started.

2010-02-15 07:10

Esta versión introduce la nueva GUI basada en el proyecto de Enna. Cuenta con hardware de descodificación de vídeo a través de VDPAU y multi-threaded software de descodificación de vídeo.
Tags: Unstable
This release introduces the new GUI based on the Enna project. It features hardware video decoding through VDPAU and multi-threaded software video decoding.

2009-10-12 05:20

Un error con la codificación de DVD comerciales se ha solucionado.
Tags: Stable
A bug with commercial DVD encryption has been fixed.

2009-07-11 22:10

Un error con la reproducción de audio AC3 fue corregido.
A bug with AC3 audio playback was fixed.

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