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Gollem is a Web-based file manager that provides the ability to fully manage a hierarchical file system stored in a variety of backends such as a SQL database, as part of a real filesystem, or on FTP, Samba or SSH servers. It supports uploading and downloading of files, basic file operations, permissions support, and MIME recognition and viewing of files through the Horde MIME library. It is fully internationalized and translatable.

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2013-01-11 06:59 Back to release list
H5 (3.0.0RC2)

Cambia la preferencia de eliminación recursiva para pedir de forma predeterminada. Correcciones de descarga si la tecla back-end no coincide con el nombre del controlador. Una traducción actualizada de Vasco.
Más correcciones de errores y mejoras.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements, Minor bugfixes
Changes the recursive deletion preference to ask by default. Fixes downloading if the backend key doesn't match the driver name. An updated Basque translation.
Further bugfixes and improvements.

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