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John the Ripper is a fast password cracker, currently available for many flavors of Unix, Windows, DOS, BeOS, and OpenVMS. Its primary purpose is to detect weak Unix passwords. It supports several crypt(3) password hash types commonly found on Unix systems, as well as Windows LM hashes. On top of this, lots of other hashes and ciphers are added in the community-enhanced version (-jumbo), and some are added in John the Ripper Pro.

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Se ha agregado compatibilidad OpenMP para hashes MD5 basado y hashes de $ de $apr1 Apache al construir con SSE2 intrínsecos, así como para SAP CODVN B y SAP CODVN g. Raw MD4 ha sido mejorado con funciones intrínsecas de SSE2 opcional. El código de funciones intrínsecas SSE2 para MD4, MD5 y SHA-1 ha sido preconstruido con el compilador de Intel en un archivo de ensamblado, usado con los nuevos objetivos de extensión i make. Apoyo ocasionales falsos positivos o múltiples conjeturas correctas ha sido agregado y uso de WinZip/AES y CRC-32. md5_gen ha cambiado el nombre a dinámico. Se realizaron numerosas otras correcciones y mejoras.
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OpenMP support has been added for MD5-based crypt(3) and Apache $apr1$ hashes when building with SSE2 intrinsics, as well as for SAP CODVN B and SAP CODVN G. Raw MD4 has been enhanced with optional SSE2 intrinsics. The SSE2 intrinsics code for MD4, MD5, and SHA-1 has been pre-built with Intel's compiler into an assembly file, used with the new i-suffixed make targets. Support for occasional false positives or multiple correct guesses has been added and made use of for WinZip/AES and CRC-32. md5_gen has been renamed to dynamic. Numerous other fixes and enhancements have been made.

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