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JeguePanel is a panel to provide easy management
of GNU/Linux servers. It makes services
configuration (email and samba) much more easy and
efficient, and handles user and permissions
management. It's integrated with monitoring tools
and a lot of control programs like anti-virus,
anti-spam, reports, etc. It has English,
Portuguese, and Spanish translations. It can use
OpenLDAP, PostgreSQL, or MySQL as a backend, and
has full integration with Active Directory. It
will show different interfaces to users based on
permission levels.

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2007-11-16 23:06 Back to release list

Esta versión corrige la interfaz y las funciones de las inyecciones y los comandos de los ataques tipo XSS. Advertencias en functions.php han sido corregidos. El jpr_sqlite_all función ha sido mejorada. Hay un cambio en el demonio para hacerlo aún más ligero. Existen soluciones en el jpr_sqlite_search funciones y corrección de errores check_courier. Hay correcciones de texto a pt_BR.
Tags: Major security fixes
This release fixes the interface and functions against commands injections and XSS attacks. Warnings in functions.php have been fixed. The function jpr_sqlite_all has been improved. There is a change in the daemon to make it even more lightweight. There are fixes in the functions jpr_sqlite_search and check_courier bugfix. There are text fixes to pt_BR.

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