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KDevelop is an integrated development environment which makes the creation and development of applications an easy task even for beginners. Highlights of the current release are: an application wizard for easy creation of KDE 4, Qt4, GNOME, and terminal C/C++ projects, full project management, a syntax-highlighting editor, code completion, an integrated dialog editor for the Qt/KDE GUI libraries, an internal debugger, a full-featured class browser with class tools, CVS and SVN support, an integrated HTML-based help system offering manuals and class-references, and extensive search mechanisms to browse sources and documentation.

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2011-06-26 04:38

Esta es una versión estable que fija decenas de errores.
Tags: 4.2, Major bugfixes, Stable
This is a stable release that fixes dozens of bugs.

2011-04-10 03:54

Docenas de errores fueron corregidos. Una nueva versión del lenguaje PHP plugin y KDevelop-PG-Qt (el generador de análisis) se agregaron.
Tags: fixes, PHP, 4.2, Stable
Dozens of bugs were fixed. A new version of the PHP language plugin and KDevelop-PG-Qt (the parser generator) were added.

2011-01-02 07:44
4.2 Beta 2

Corrección de errores y pulido se realizaron.
Tags: 4.2, Unstable
Bugfixes and polishing were done.

2010-12-18 07:20
4.2 Beta 1

Muchas nuevas características y soporte para KDE 4.6 y superior.
Tags: 4.2, Unstable
Many new features and support for KDE 4.6 and higher.

2010-10-26 06:42

Esta versión tiene varias nuevas características, correcciones de errores y mejoras en general.
Tags: Stable
This release has various new features, bugfixes, and general improvements.

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