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PHP Content Management System (phpCMS) makes it possible to need only one template for your whole Web site. It allows you to provide dynamic menus with unlimited levels, and use templates and sub-templates without a database. It is search engine-friendly and proxy-friendly, as the pages it generates can not be distinguished from static HTML pages. PHP code can be added to any template and content file with an optional module. It supports the caching of parsed pages and gzip compression.

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2004-11-26 01:33 Back to release list

Este lanzamiento corrige un cross-site scripting bug descubierto en la versión anterior. Es sólo explotable en modo no sigilo con el modo de depuración habilitada.
Tags: Minor security fixes
This release fixes a cross-site scripting bug discovered in the previous
version. It is only exploitable in non-stealth mode with debug mode

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