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TWiki is a flexible, powerful, and simple Web based collaboration platform. It is suitable for dynamic intranets and knowledge bases, and for sharing and managing documents and collaborative projects. It resembles a normal Web site, but every page can be changed from a browser. It features automatic link generation, full text search, group authorization, Web forms, reporting, change notification, file attachments, revision control of pages and attachments, a modular templating system with skins, hierarchical navigation based on the topic parenting feature, and more. Plugins can be used to enhance the program and build groupware applications.

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2009-04-30 16:21 Back to release list

Esta revisión corrige una vulnerabilidad CSRF comunicado con la etiqueta de imagen, los cambios de TWiki utilizar el formato de fecha ISO por defecto, y fija una serie de errores.
Tags: Patch Release, Security Enhancements
This patch release fixes a CSRF vulnerability with the image tag, changes TWiki to use ISO date format by default, and fixes a number of bugs.

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