[Hardmeter-users] Re: [Perfctr-devel] perfctr and Linus' tree?

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Mikael Pettersson mikpe****@user*****
2003年 3月 7日 (金) 22:30:16 JST

Hiro Yoshioka writes:
 > I have a question. Is there any progress on merging the
 > perfctr patch to Linus' kernel tree?
 > http://www.uwsg.iu.edu/hypermail/linux/kernel/0303.0/0647.html
 > I found the DCL patch set includes the perfctr patch.
 > http://lists.osdl.org/pipermail/dcl_developer/2003-March/000009.html

No progress since Linus totally ignored it, but at least two
perfctr-patched trees exist. OSDL does one for the development
kernel, and Jack Perdue has pre-patched RedHat kernel .rpms.
(For Jack's stuff, check out PAPI -> Links -> Related Software.)

I'm planning to simplify the kernel <--> user-space interface in
perfctr-2.6 (drop /proc/pid/perfctr and go back to /dev/perfctr),
and then I _think_ I can do a version that doesn't require patching
kernel source. (It will do binary code patching at module load-time
instead. Horrible as that sounds, it's easier to deal with for users.)


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