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Tisrn: Type-logical Identifying Server Routing Navigator

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Revisiónbb629ba7a5a73b332c943d950c79a4d97799a5d4 (tree)
Tiempo2022-08-09 19:00:09
AutorHaruka Sato <csta19097@g.ni...>
CommiterHaruka Sato

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diff -r e5e521ab6161 -r bb629ba7a5a7 README.md
--- a/README.md Tue Aug 09 12:25:47 2022 +0300
+++ b/README.md Tue Aug 09 13:00:09 2022 +0300
@@ -1,39 +1,12 @@
2-This README describes the package. If you publish this package to pub.dev,
3-this README's contents appear on the landing page for your package.
5-For information about how to write a good package README, see the guide for
6-[writing package pages](https://dart.dev/guides/libraries/writing-package-pages).
8-For general information about developing packages, see the Dart guide for
9-[creating packages](https://dart.dev/guides/libraries/create-library-packages)
10-and the Flutter guide for
11-[developing packages and plugins](https://flutter.dev/developing-packages).
14-TODO: Put a short description of the package here that helps potential users
15-know whether this package might be useful for them.
17-## Features
1+# Tisrn: 型論理識別サーバルーティングナビゲーター - Type-logical Identifying Server Routing Navigator
19-TODO: List what your package can do. Maybe include images, gifs, or videos.
21-## Getting started
23-TODO: List prerequisites and provide or point to information on how to
24-start using the package.
26-## Usage
3+Tisrn is A **Type Safe** and **Delegable Identifying** Routing Library for Web Sites, Web Apps and Web Servers. This is one of sub-projects of Ibis WebSystem Project, and bundled to Ibis WebSystem with also IbisUI, but the routing navigator can be used with shelf, and other web frameworks.
28-TODO: Include short and useful examples for package users. Add longer examples
29-to `/example` folder.
5+**Lets' move away from the String-based Routing** and **construct Web Sites, Web Apps and Web Servers in Safety!**
32-const like = 'sample';
7+- Tips: The Tisrn is one of `Delegable Identifying Domain Routing System`(`DidRS`), that contains `DidNS`(`Domain Name System` powered by Did Technology, Flag-ship of DidRS, and also inspired Google's `DNS` System powered by also Google's `Chubby` System), `DidFS`(`File System` powered by Did Technology)and `DidWS`(`Workbench` System powered by Did Technology)
8+- What is Type Safe Routing?: [An Article by Uhyo](https://zenn.dev/uhyo/articles/type-safe-routing-2021)
35-## Additional information
10+- Similar Systems: [Rocon by Uhyo](https://github.com/uhyo/rocon) with Ugly TypeScript
37-TODO: Tell users more about the package: where to find more information, how to
38-contribute to the package, how to file issues, what response they can expect
39-from the package authors, and more.
12+## Under Development!!! (Not Stable, Unstable, don't use **yet**)
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