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An Ubuntu LTS-based Linux distribution for lightness and ease of use.
The desktop is LXQt with a Win classic design.
In addition, the familiar app on Wine may work!?

The logo has the motif of Mt. Kamuriki.

System Requirements

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Publicado: 2022-04-16 11:00
1.x Aardwolf 1.4.2 Aardwolf April 2022 Update (1 files Ocultar)

Release Notes

Ah, ah, ah, aah, ah... I'm Jin.
Spring holidays are over, and my life as a third-year kosen college student has begun.
By the way, regarding this "Kamuriki Linux 1.4.2", a defect was found around the network during development, and if I was spending time fixing it, the release was delayed. sorry.
I am quite satisfied with the completeness of the OS. Please download it by all means.

Finally, a little promotion. I will release an arrangement soundtrack for "Kagayaku kisetsu e (To the Shining Season)" at "Air Comiket 5" in August, so please look forward to it!!!!!!

さて、今回の「Kamuriki Linux 1.4.2」ですが、開発の際ネットワーク周りで不具合が見つかり、その修正に時間を費やしていたらリリースが遅れてしまいました。ごめんなさい。



Fixed around the network.
Replaced heavyweight apps with lightweight ones. Changed from "Firefox" to "Chromium" and "Thunderbird" to "Trojita", and deleted "GIMP".