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LDP_man-pages: Commit

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Revisión317d6477105f326e74924c2a6b72e0ee3ace766d (tree)
Tiempo2010-11-19 01:36:20
AutorAkihiro MOTOKI <amotoki@dd.i...>
CommiterAkihiro MOTOKI

Log Message

(split) LDP openpty.3: translates sentences which had been untranslated by mistake.

Cambiar Resumen

Diferencia incremental

--- a/draft/man3/openpty.3
+++ b/draft/man3/openpty.3
@@ -249,8 +249,9 @@ openpty, login_tty, forkpty \- 端
249249 .\"O .SH "CONFORMING TO"
250250 .SH 準拠
251251 .\"O These are BSD functions, present in libc5 and glibc2.
252-.\"O+ They are not standardized in POSIX.
252+.\"O They are not standardized in POSIX.
253253 これらは BSD の関数であり、libc5 と glibc2 に存在する。
254+POSIX での標準化はされていない。
254255 .\"O .SH NOTES
255256 .SH 注意
256257 .\"O .\" These functions are included in libutil, hence you'll need to add
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