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2020-11-26 22:39
Opinión por Butch

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Great Software very elegant and very well put together as a whole! You have a wonderful group and a lot of great things going for you!
Choice on a grand scale and difference in many offerings
Crashes far to much after updates! Either you do not spend enough time on testing new Kernels or Software updates or some one is sabotaging your stuff on line! I left Manjaro because it crashed two different Computers over 7 times! Down to the black screen of death not a chroot or a shift alt f1 or f2 could fix! All after updates! Terminal could not even fix two crashes! So what ever is going on with updates you need to seriously look at it! Far to many people on line say the same thing about Manjaro all ways crashing after updates!

2020-11-06 17:28
Opinión por dread

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Very nice progress on the deepin edition of Manjaro, however, I have encountered a few issues.
Very responsive No Garbage software preinstalled
WiFi doesn't work BT doesn't work Overall there seems to be existing technical issues to be solved before an official release

2019-11-25 10:23
Opinión por gardotd426

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The Manjaro i3 edition is absolutely amazing. However, I'm confused why the listed version for the KDE vanilla edition is listed as 19.0? Also, will you ever be bringing back the Deepin edition?

2019-11-07 02:54
Opinión por weare

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LXDE is NOT unicoded anymore! Why? Besides firewall does NOT even start.

2019-08-10 01:00
Opinión por ludwik

(2 of 10 people found this review helpful)
super distro 5 stars best od windows