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Migrated to GitHub

Since it has been more than 10 years since the last commit and we are now using github for repository management, we have decided to migrate the repository of this software.

The URL for the migration is as follows

The repository URL for the same content as this project is as follows

As of 2020/01/14, the repository and site information on this site will not be updated in the future.


It is a GUI MIDI player program that plays MIDI data using Java SE. Especially, it has a mechanism to increase the variation of the screen display during playback. It was created with interactivity and entertainment in mind.

System Requirements

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Publicado: 2010-03-07 17:30
MIDIPlayer 0.1.0 (1 files Ocultar)

Release Notes


  • MIDI IN/OUT の選択
  • 音色定義ファイルの選択
  • MIDI ファイルの再生、MIDI IN からの入力を用いたリアルタイム演奏機能
  • 2種類のレンダリングプラグインの同梱



  • MIDI 音源によってはプログラムが起動出来ない
  • 音色定義ファイルのフォーマットをcsv から xml に移行
  • MIDI 規格毎の設定を外部ファイル化 ( xml )
  • 画面レンダリングプログラムをプラグインとして分離