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2021-04-14 06:07
You will be voting to move replace the URL for the pages from mixed case to lowercase. E.G. will...
2021-04-14 04:34
In include/commctrl.h, line 4587-4590: #define TreeView_GetItemRect( w, i, p, c ) \ (*(HTREEITEM *)((p) = (i)), ...
2021-04-01 18:56
While developing this Mercurial Queues emulation for Git, which will be required to support git integration for this ...
2021-03-24 07:21
w32api is currently missing the netioapi.h header, which was first introduced with Windows Vista. In particular, the ...
2021-03-08 01:28
Please add libgccjit to the binaries included in the MinGW GCC distributions. This is required to be able to build pr...

Opiniones del Proyecto

2021-02-05 22:28

nice apllication but not downloading in window 7

2021-01-05 15:16

It's OK, but we have not used it yet!

2020-12-10 12:04

this is a good application for c++

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