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2022-06-01 10:43
The latest version of GCC, 9.2.0, available for MinGW development, was released almost 2 years ago and last updated m...
2022-05-31 05:26
As noted on ticket #44470, the current GDB-9.2 release has trouble debugging any application which has been compiled,...
2022-05-23 21:08
The prototype of IsProcessInJob, as it is provided by winbase.h in the w32api MinGW package seems to be incorrect: WI...
2022-03-11 20:15
I'm the maintainer of Hamlib. I think this is recent behavior Even thought the timeval for the select statement is 1 ...
2021-06-27 04:38
I've been aware of this non-conformity for several years, yet it continues to trip me up, on occasion. Consider the ...

Opiniones del Proyecto

2022-09-20 00:45

Very good tool set. Installation is much faster than Cygwin. More lightweigh....

2022-07-09 04:03

nice tools you have so good too using

2022-06-20 03:43

open source, free and better .

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