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Nitrux is a Linux desktop distribution directly based on Debian. It uses the Calamares installer and includes NX Desktop and NX Firewall on top of the KDE Plasma 5 desktop environment and KDE Applications. Nitrux utilizes the Debian package manager (dpkg) and its extended set of tools, APT (Advanced Packaging Tool), to manage the operating system and manage the software. Nitrux supports both Legacy BIOS and EFI 64-bit computers only; there’s no support for 32-bit.

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Publicado: 2019-06-28 09:43
ISO Archive Nitrux 1.1.8 (0 files Ocultar)

Release Notes

We are pleased to announce the launch of Nitrux 1.1.8. This new version brings together the latest software updates, bug fixes, performance improvements, and ready-to-use hardware support.

Nitrux 1.1.8 is available for immediate download. To update, please check the Compendium for instructions.


What's new

- The eighth release of Nitrux 1.1.x series.

- Dark theme by default. Transparency was enabled by default too.

- Updated kernel to version 5.1.15.

- Updated Waterfox to version 56.2.11.

- Updated KDE Plasma to version 5.16.2, KDE Frameworks to version 5.59.0, KDE Applications to version 19.04.2, and Qt to version 5.12.3.

- znx can deploy an image utilizing a USB device that was written raw with our ISO image, e.g., using dd, Etcher, or Rufus. Do note, however, that if you flash our ISO this way to a USB, only UEFI class 3 systems will be able to boot it. This is so that users don't have to download the ISO image twice.

- APT has been removed from Nitrux.

- mksh replaces dash as Nitrux default shell (/bin/sh).

- Users can now utilize the Terminal to download AppImages from with the command "app".

- Homebrew (Linuxbrew) software can be installed in Nitrux. For a list of software available go to To install software using Linuxbrew use the command "brew install FORMULA."

- Wine 32-bit packaged as a 64-bit AppImage is available by default from the application launcher.

- Added Pix as the default image gallery.