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The Oric SDK is a complete cross-development system allowing the creation of software for the Oric range of computers.

The official project home page is and contains the official binary releases, documentation, and articles about how to use the system.

This OSDN.NET project is specifically for the hosting of the Subversion repository used to develop and update the software.

The SDK provide the following components:

Components to build programs:
* C compiler
* 6502 assembler
* Linker
* Libraries
* Sample code

Utility software:
* Image and audio conversion
* File compression
* Tape and Disk generation

and finally comes with emulators and debuggers to test the projects


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2020-08-10 16:01
Opinión por dma-coco

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A must have to develop software on oric platform. This devkit provide us some support to create using the best dsk solution
reliability, creation of dsk integrated
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