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How to configure G-Suite migration to Office 365 or Microsoft 365? (2023-03-22 16:49 by peter_groft #94683)

Manually configuring G Suite migration to Office 365 or Microsoft 365

Create a Google Service Account
Using a Chrome browser, sign into your Google Workspace admin console at

In a new tab or window, navigate to the Service Accounts page.

Select Create project, name the project and choose Create.

Select + Create service account, enter a name, choose Create and then Done.

Open the Actions menu, select Edit, and take note of the Unique ID. You’ll need this ID later in the process.

Open the Show domain-wide delegation section.

Select Enable G Suite Domain-wide Delegation, enter a product name for the consent screen, and choose Save.

Open the Actions menu again and select Create key.

Choose JSON, then Create. The private key is saved to the download folder on your device.

Select Close.

Enable API usage in your project
If your project doesn’t already have all of the required APIs enabled, you must enable them.

Go to the Developer page for API Library and sign in as the Google user you used above in Create a Google Service Account.

Select the project that you used above.

Search for the following APIs; each one must be enabled. Select Enable to enable them for your project:

Gmail API
Google Calendar API
Contacts API
People API

Grant access to the service account for your Google tenant
Go to the Google Workspace Admin page and sign in as Google Workspace admin for your tenant.

Click Security, then click API Controls, and then click Manage Domain Wide Delegation.

Next to the API Clients list, click Add new.

In Client ID, type the ClientId for the service account you created in the Create a Google Service Account section above.

In OAuth Scopes, add the required scopes in comma-separated format, with no spaces in between.

If the OAuth Scopes are entered incorrectly, the resulting list won’t match and the migration process will fail later, after you start the migration batch.

Click Authorize. Verify that the resulting list shows the expected four (4) OAuth scopes.

To learn more about G Suite migration to Office 365 visit

Re: How to configure G-Suite migration to Office 365 or Microsoft 365? (2023-04-05 13:52 by albert_taylor #94876)

Cloud to Cloud migration is one of the major challenges for the admins as it requires fulfilling multiple prerequisites before initiating the migration. There may be different reasons for each user behind the migration, but the most important point is to use reliable software to perform the migration.
You can straightaway utilize the Shoviv G Suite to Office 365 migration tool to migrate the mailboxes from the G Suite account into Office365. It allows the addition of multiple G Suite mailboxes and selectively migrates the item with the help of its filter option. After making the connection, users can run multiple migration jobs simultaneously. Even after the migration, the software intact the folder hierarchy in the target environment.
One of the advanced features, incremental export, is also available, which helps to migrate the new data after continuing from the last migration.
Use this tool's demo version to learn about its features.
Software page -
Blog page -

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