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2014-11-19 09:20 (by horiguti)

The PRM package 1.3.5-1 does not work properly with minor releases of PostgreSQL earlier than 9.1.14, 9.2.9 and 9.3.5. This release 2 is recomposed to work well with all minor versions so far.
See this commit for detail.
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2014-11-14 10:47 (by horiguti)

Fixed a bug that locked statistics won't be effective when accessing tables without select privilege via views.
In order to resolve the problem, privileges for the dummy stats tables and the user under which pg_dbms_stats accesses them a (Show more...)


2014-11-06 17:13 (by horiguti)

The first RPM release of 1.3.4 has the problem that CREATE EXTENSION fails without VERSION specification. The problem is fixed in this release 2. Since no functional changes are made, it's no use upgrading from the previous release if you have already installed the release 1 package successfully.
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