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POPFile はベイズ推定を利用して電子メールを自動的に分類する POP3 プロキシー、および Web インターフェースです。ほとんどどのプラットフォームでも、どのメールクライアントとも動作します。

POPFile の日本語化は、POPFile の本家プロジェクトに統合されました。最新情報はこちらからどうぞ。↓

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Publicado: 2005-05-31 22:40
POPFile Japanese Support for Mac OS X Panther-Tiger 0.22.2a (1 files Ocultar)

Release Notes

Welcome to POPFile v0.22.2

This version consists of a minor bug fix update to v0.22.1. A
collection of bugs had been discovered and fixed and it seemed prudent
to do a .2 release to get these fixes in the hands of people.


1. POPFile comes with a new "packing list" which will check
automatically that the correct Perl modules are installed
for POPFile to work correctly. This is important to cross
platform users as it sanity checks the POPFile installation
on start up.

2. Japanese users were experiencing crashes due to a threading
problem with the Text::Kakasi module. This crash has now been

3. Upgraded to the latet Perl (v5.8.4) and the latest PDK (v6.0) in
the hope that this cures some of the system tray icon problems that
we have been seeing on Windows. POPFile should now get all Windows
shutdown notifications correctly. Also upgraded to SQLite v2.8.15.

4. New database option to speed up deletes from database. During
deletes, and only when using the default SQLite database, we
change the synchronous mode of the database to get a significant
increase in speed.

5. Backup database when using SQLite like once per hour. The backup
file has the same name as the database but with '.backup' appended.

6. Fix bug that was causing crashes on Korean POPFile because of a
problem with sorting the Korean language.

7. Added parsing of the SpamViper header so that information from it
is stored in the database for classification purposes using the
pseudoword 'spamviper'.

8. Note that the SMTP proxy does not support the XEXCH50 command and
if it is used POPFile will return an appropriate error message.

9. Made the bar charts in the Buckets page configurable by implementing
a bar-chart-widget.thtml template file as part of the default skin.

10. Updated translation of UI for Simplified Chinese and Traditional


If you want to use POPFile's SSL support on Windows you need the
appropriate SSL libraries. Brian "Mr POPFile Installer" Smith has
created a package the will install them, and it is included in the
ZIP file with the Windows version of POPFile.

Inside the file is second ZIP file called which contains a text file describing the addssl.exe
installer. Run addssl.exe to add the necessary components.


If you are upgrading from pre-v0.22.0 please read the v0.22.0 release
notes for much more information.



/Library/StartupItems フォルダにインストールされるファイルについて
それ以外は 0.22.2 とかわりありません。