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Development of FreeBSD ports management utility designed to be suitable for reinstallation of all packages afrer major version upgrade of the system or very long absence of ports upgrade.

The current implementation pursues a replacement of portupgrade and portmaster to facilitate the perfect upgrade of the whole packages in heavly customized systems by configuration compatible with portupgrade. Most of the issues in /usr/ports/UPDATING are resolved automatically. Robust restarting functionality against manual/sudden termination is also pursued for facilitating package build in busy or low-performance machines. Utilities for building packages in a chroot
environment are also developed for safe upgrade.


Extract the archive and move to the top subdirectory. Then execute "make install" for installation. If you want to uninstall this software, execute "make deinstall". Show How to Install


Execute "portsreinstall" to start entire reinstallation of the ports. If you are using portupgrade with configured pkgtools.conf, execute "portsreinstall -p" instead. If you end... Show Usage


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FreeBSD ports reinstalling utility
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FreeBSD ports reinstalling utility
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