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A base library, base team, and related tools for The RoboCup Soccer Simulation.

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Publicado: 2008-04-01 17:29
librcsc 2.0.0 (1 files Ocultar)

Release Notes

* Supported rcssserver version 12.
- supported the synchronous timer mode.
- supported the new sensor protocol.
- supported the new monitor protocol and the new log format.

* Restructured the file location.
- audio_codec.{h,cpp}, audio_memory.{h,cpp}, audio_message.h and
logger.{h,cpp} have been moved from 'player' to 'common'.

* Improved the communication library.
- Supported duplicated messages.
- Added FreeMessage for convinience.
- Improved the ball information.
- Implemented online coach's audio sensor.

* Added AbstractPlayerObject class and its contaners.

* Added a pkg-config configuration file and a special config script.

* Added Polygon2D class.

* Supported team_graphic.


See ChangeLog in the release file.