Ruby QSO library

This is QSO class library for Ruby. It can handle some of popular formats storing QSO data of amateure radio. At this moment, following formats are supported.

  • ADIF
  • Cabrillo (write only)
  • ZLog for DOS
  • ZLog for Windows

By using the library, you can convert QSO data from one format to another very easily. Sample program are included in the released archive. Also it is useful for writing a short Ruby script to get a breakdown of your log during a contest.

The library is released under Gnu GPL. You are encouraged to modify it and play with it. However, please remind that the library is still in beta. Please, report any bugs and suggestions to me. Of course, your contribution is always welcome.

Download and Feedback

You can download the entire files from the repository. There are several forums and mailing lists provided by sourceforge.

Quick guide

You will find a simple Ruby script named zdos2adif.rb' in the released archive. This script converts log data of ZLog for DOS to ADIF's, like this;

$ ./zdos2adif.rb zlog_data.txt > adif_data.adi

Simple. How can it be done? You will be surprized if you look at the script.

  1. #! /usr/bin/ruby
  2. require "qso"
  3. zlog =
  4. adif =
  5. zlog.read_header
  6. adif.write_header
  7. until $<.eof?
  8. zlog.read_a_record
  9. QSO::convert(zlog, adif)
  10. adif.write
  11. end

Note that you have to set an appropriate path in the first line of the script before running. All of those headaching matters, such as the format of date/time, band designation (wave length? frequency?), is encapsulated inside the obejct. If you want to convert to Cabrillo format, the answer is simple. Replace all words Adif' in the script with Cabrillo', and save it in a different file, e.g. zdos2cab.rb.

$ QSO_MY_CALLSIGN=JA3YQY ./zdos2cab.rb zlog_data.txt > 

The above line will get you have a Cabrillo log. At this time, you have to tell your callsign, since it is necessarily included in the Cabrillo log.

ADIF(ver. 1.0) spec
ADIF developers
Cabrillo(ver. 2.0) spec
zLog for Windows

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