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Mike FABIAN mfabi****@suse*****
2004年 12月 18日 (土) 03:49:34 JST

UTUMI Hirosi <utuhi****@yahoo*****> さんは書きました:

> I heard SUSE would adopt Wnn7 to SUSE 9.2 (for Japanese only).
> http://lists.suse.com/archive/suse-linux-ja/2004-Dec/0069.html
> (Wnn7 is a proprietary Japanese Kana-Kanji conversion engine.)
> Do you know scim-wnn?
> Tam is developing scim-wnn. You can use Wnn7 with SCIM.
> http://nop.net-p.org/modules/pukiwiki/index.php?%5B%5Bscim-wnn%5D%5D
> http://nop.net-p.org/files/scim-wnn/scim-wnn-0.1.1.tar.gz
> Maybe Japanese SUSE users will need scim-wnn. :-) 

Thank you very much for the information!

I tried to build scim-wnn using


I could build it for x86_64 and i386 but it didn't work well.

On x86_64 I cannot even convert かんじ correctly to 漢字.
When entering かんじ and pressing the henkan key, all I get is 

  1. 莞爾 2. 莞爾 3. 莞爾 4. 莞爾 5. 莞爾 6. 莞爾  < >

I tried on i386 as well, on such a 32 bit platform it worked a bit
better, I got all the usual candidates for the pronunciation かんじ
on that platform. Maybe Wnn7SDK is full of 64 bit bugs, I saw many
suspicious compiler warnings while compiling Wnn7SDK.

But even on a 32 bit platform, it doesn't work well. When
trying to convert longer phrases like


I get junky results on i386 as well.

I'll try to investigate more when have a bit more time.

scim-wnn would be really useful if I would work well. 

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