[Scim-imengine-dev 79] Re: scim-wnn-0.1.2 released

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Teppei Tamra tam-t****@par*****
2004年 12月 22日 (水) 04:29:50 JST

2004 12月 21 火曜日 22:54、Mike FABIAN さんは書きました:
> Mike FABIAN <mfabi****@suse*****> さんは書きました:
> > Thank you very much. scim-wnn-0.1.2 works fine with wnn7sdk and wnn7.
> When using Wnn7 via xwnmo, a completion window appears while typing
> where phrases which have been input recently are shown which can be
> easily selected and committed without having to retype them again.
> scim-wnn doesn't yet have this feature. Is such a feature planned for
> scim-wnn?




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