[Scim-imengine-dev 1019] Re: OT: 霞のGCC 4.1 対応。

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AWASHIRO Ikuya ikuya****@oooug*****
2006年 3月 30日 (木) 00:24:12 JST



Akira TAGOH wrote:
> それでいいと思います。-ffriend-injectionはgcc 4.1から登場し
> たもので、後方互換のために存在しています。当時あまり時間がと
> れなかったので、もっとも手っ取り早くbuildを通す方法をとった
> だけなので。なお、
>       -ffriend-injection
>           Inject friend functions into the enclosing namespace, so that they
>           are visible outside the scope of the class in which they are
>           declared.  Friend functions were documented to work this way in
>           the old Annotated C++ Reference Manual, and versions of G++ before
>           4.1 always worked that way.  However, in ISO C++ a friend function
>           which is not declared in an enclosing scope can only be found
>           using argument dependent lookup.  This option causes friends to be
>           injected as they were in earlier releases.
>           This option is for compatibility, and may be removed in a future
>           release of G++.
> と、あるので、使わないにこしたことはないと思います。

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