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sctk: List of commits

Superconducting Toolkit用メインリポジトリ

Rev. Tiempo Autor
13ada28 master 2022-06-28 12:44:21 Mitsuaki Kawamura

change version number

5a7ca7c 2022-06-28 11:33:35 Mitsuaki Kawamura

Update reference for SCTK-example

60476f1 2022-05-20 20:07:23 Mitsuaki Kawamura

Merge branch 'develop' of github.com:mitsuaki1987/DFPT-tetra into develop

edcb8d7 2022-05-20 20:01:01 Mitsuaki Kawamura


d43fa39 2022-05-09 01:51:24 Mitsuaki Kawamura

Bugfix: sign

bd0a173 2022-05-08 23:52:53 Mitsuaki Kawamura

SCTK/src/sctk_spinfluc.f90: Waste calculation was done. the result must be unchanged.
SCTK/src/sctk_wfc.f90: becwfc should be allocated and used only for okvan

2d2fba6 2022-04-24 23:38:12 Mitsuaki Kawamura

sctk_tetra.f90 : indices of sort is not used for whole occupied case.
sctk_coulomb.f90 : averaging for k+q weight was incorrect

49ed595 2022-04-24 17:17:09 Mitsuaki Kawamura

sctk_invert : Fix typo in comment
sctk_coulomb : avoid to use zdotc inside the OpenMP parallel region

691dd7c 2022-04-24 11:16:52 Mitsuaki Kawamura

OpenMP for matrix hermite-conjugate and xc kernel

913ad74 2022-04-23 18:37:12 Mitsuaki Kawamura

Add OpenMP parallel into kel

ea6b598 2022-04-22 19:05:08 Mitsuaki Kawamura

[BugFix] This variable is also distributed

27dd7c8 2022-04-22 00:01:31 Mitsuaki Kawamura

BagFix : initialization of wght was not done.

0580d20 2022-04-21 12:31:10 Mitsuaki Kawamura


aab52cc 2022-04-21 11:24:37 Mitsuaki Kawamura


b5e39c5 2022-04-21 10:45:49 Mitsuaki Kawamura

Parallelism change

94d2c65 2022-04-13 14:11:21 Mitsuaki Kawamura

Update manual

74171b9 2022-01-28 23:25:06 Mitsuaki Kawamura

Ignore phonon mode below the freq_min

6d26083 2022-01-28 14:11:47 Mitsuaki Kawamura

forget to include

9701af8 2022-01-28 13:37:53 Mitsuaki Kawamura

Forgotten in previous commit

3cd0282 2022-01-28 13:36:48 Mitsuaki Kawamura

Specify min. freq. with ratio between max. freq.

8772644 2022-01-28 11:04:24 Mitsuaki Kawamura

Forgot REAL(8)

aaab29f 2022-01-28 11:01:29 Mitsuaki Kawamura

BugFix: In the recent change, I forgot sqrt(w2)

60fd71c 2022-01-27 19:14:56 Mitsuaki Kawamura

bugfix delta and qpdos with spin-fluctuation

db84743 2022-01-23 01:38:22 Mitsuaki Kawamura

freq_min to avoid very low frequency that affects largely to lambda

4f263d5 2022-01-14 13:48:17 Mitsuaki Kawamura

Merge branch 'develop' of github.com:mitsuaki1987/DFPT-tetra into develop

cdc0bce 2022-01-14 13:47:32 Mitsuaki Kawamura

Visualize nodal web from the difference of energy

147fe80 2022-01-09 18:42:58 Mitsuaki Kawamura

use USPP for reference

74fc2b3 2022-01-07 00:00:31 Mitsuaki Kawamura

Update sample calculation

6b1f75f 2022-01-04 01:24:20 Mitsuaki Kawamura

void Nan for scdft_kernel=2 and y=0, x=(g2-1)z

ec2f08e 2022-01-02 22:37:16 Mitsuaki Kawamura


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