Project Description

The present JMeter application has some features that are missing as compared to
other available load testing tools. The main purpose of this application development
is to provide the users of this tool with other enhanced features. We study the current
drawbacks in JMeter and try to overcome those drawbacks by providing some ecient
solutions in addition to introducing new features in JMeter.

Auto CSV config

Creates a CSV file directly from the database table mentioned. For testing an application which has a form or request that takes multiple data entries from a large no of users and the data entries are required to be unique for different users, it becomes a redundant work to type .csv files with unique data entries.

Bandwidth Throttling:

More enhancements such as follows are also implemented.

-Bandwidth throttling
-Dynamic bandwidth throttling
-IP Spoofing
-TPC-C Sampler
-Smtp config element
-Filterd Results Plugin

please refer description.pdf in files.

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