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NFCProxy is a an Android app that lets you proxy transactions between an RFID credit card and a reader. The saved transactions can be replayed to skim credit cards or the RFID credit card can be replayed at a POS terminal.

NFCProxy can also be useful for protocol analysis to learn about the underlying communication protocol.

In order to replay credit cards to a reader you MUST install a special version of CyanogenMod. See Wiki.

Slides from the Defcon 20 presentation of NFCproxy can be found at:

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2021-10-23 11:27
Opinión por GUSTTAVO

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Quero ser um soldado seu aprender

2020-09-23 08:48
Opinión por mario petros

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mauito bom mais quero aprede a desvia dinheiro

2017-01-09 13:25
Opinión por PTsec

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Great Tool for reaserch thanks for sharing knoledge
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