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The challenge I faced was that I have many photos in many places. I have a DSLR. I have a mobile phone and so does my wife.

We go away and depending upon where, when etc depends upon exactly which device takes the photo. We also amass memorabilia as we go - nothing too exciting, but perhaps tickets and brochures from shows.

There are many products out there which centralise pictures, but I wanted these features
* Ability to centralise photos from all devices
* Thumbnail generation
* Geotag to show where photos were taken on a Google map overlay both at the album level and the individual picture level
* Ability to associate scanned scrap (brochures, tickets, stuff...) with a photo taken at the same time.
* Picture tagging and a fast way of tagging photos when you get back which is freeform
* Flag a photo/picture as not for slideshow
* Slideshow of a tag, an album or Randomly across everything

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